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Reference sound & Sheet

※アップロードされている楽譜はBL JAMでの使用に限りダウンロードを許可いたします。外部でのご使用はお控えください。

You can use uploaded sheet music only for BL JAM. Please refrain from using it outside.


So What

Killing me softry

Cantaloupe Island

Tell me a bed time story

The Chicken

Night in Tunisia

Red Clay

Pick Up The Pieces

Just Plain Funk

Ghet-To Funk

Cissy Strut

Work to Do

Break Out


Pay Back

The Light

You Got Me

They Reminisce Over You

The Next Movement

The Final View

Touch The Sky

Horn in the Middle


@BL CAFE(名古屋市千種区今池4-7-11 TEL:052-741-1620)

OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

Charge ¥1,000yen +2drinks(¥1,000)

1st Monday - FUNK -

2nd Monday -R&B -

3rd Monday - GOSPEL - (produced by GMA)

4th Monday -HIPHOP&DANCE -

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